Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience performs two functions in the RCAH. True to its name, this seminar or senior thesis is the culmination of a student's work in the RCAH. It provides the student with the opportunity to make new connections, revisit arguments and ideas that are still percolating, and go more deeply into a special area of interest. At the same time, the capstone provides a new platform for launching future work that can lead to graduate study, employment, research, or service. Both ways of fulfilling the capstone experience requirement satisfy the University Tier Two writing requirement.

491 Senior Thesis

Students compose a piece of original writing or performance art, or complete an academic project that will help them to launch their post-graduate career. The thesis projects can include field experience or internship projects, special exhibitions, performances, or other community-based activities. Whatever their final thesis project happens to be, students will complete a series of writing assignments that meets the Tier Two requirement. An application is required for participation in a senior thesis project, but a new form is available each spring semester and will be emailed to all juniors. Download a sample application here.

492 Senior Seminar

Students will study a particular topic that weaves together themes or questions that cut across the curriculum as a whole. Students will complete a series of writing projects consistent with the Tier Two requirement leading up to and including the final seminar paper.