Elective Pathway Topics Courses

The elective pathways enable students to pursue their own particular interests within the scope of the RCAH major, connect to and complement courses and programs available outside the RCAH, and prepare graduates of the RCAH for professional, academic, and other career opportunities.

While there is one major in the RCAH, there are a variety of paths through the major. Each pathway begins with a Topics course, and the four Topics courses described below are examples of how this journey can begin. Just as different Topics courses are possible; the content of the Topics courses will vary depending upon the interests of instructors and the resources available at the time in the RCAH. They are designed for maximum flexibility. For example, if a particular guest artist or writer is in residence at the time, a Topics course may place more emphasis on one set of questions or topics than others. Or, if students are engaged in a particular performance project or civic engagement project, the topic may also vary.

It is through their elective path of study that RCAH students achieve fluency, not just proficiency in their field. It is also how faculty inside and outside the RCAH collaborate through team teaching, faculty exchanges, and other innovative instructional models and pedagogical techniques.


Through these four elective pathways and others like them students will deepen their work within the RCAH at the same time that they bring the skills, sensibilities, and knowledge they acquire in the RCAH to classes in other departments and programs. It is through these elective pathways that RCAH students and faculty benefit from and enrich the many other departments and programs at MSU that are committed to the arts and humanities.