Fall 2014 Integrated Language Options

Integrated Language Options (ILOs) constitute the core elements of the RCAH CLAC Program. ILOs provide language immersion opportunities for students. In an ILO, students use the language to collaborate with each other and their language mentor on a semester-long project.

The descriptions below detail the Fall 2014 ILO projects:

  • ASL: “Stories of diverse people” (PDF) ("Imagine" video)
    Elana Bandalene and Kandra Harper with Graduate Language Fellow Sabrina Perlman

  • Chinese: “Comparing American and Chinese legal systems” (video)
    Leea Fellows, Erin Paskus, and Katherine Rock with Graduate Language Fellow Qing Zhang

  • French:  “Serious gaming: Creating the ideal society” (click image below to see larger version)
    Leila Ballard, Elizabeth Beckett, Shae Christian, Andrew Jason, Jess Polus, Emily Quinlan, Katherine Smythe with Graduate Language Fellow Spencer Greenhalgh

  • German: “Art of the Berlin Wall and its historical symbolic meaning”
    Anna Backman and Andrew Smith with Graduate Language Fellow Brian Van Wyck

  • Korean: “Understanding Korean popular media performances through the lens of American performance theories” (Weebly site)
    Sarah Teppen with Graduate Language Fellow Sun Jai Kim

  • Spanish: “Understanding the experiences of Cuban refugees: Interviews with Peckham team members” (click images below to see larger versions)
    Shannon Fitzpatrick, Krista Rodriguez, Kayla Turner with Graduate Language Fellow Fredy Rodriguez-Mejia











  • Haitian Creole: “Brochure for individuals visiting Haiti, particularly those visiting for humanitarian reasons” (PDF)
    Libby Hoffman, Angel Snyder with Graduate Language Fellow L. Michelle Vital

  • Italian: “Investigating language and context; comparing cultural differences and cultural stereotypes” (PowerPoint) (Prezi)
    Shaylyn Adams, Margaret Bice, Nicole Sherman, Leslie Welch with Graduate Language Fellow Lorena Valmori

  • Spanish: “Schools and power imbalances: Colombian and American examples”
    (Videos: Entrevistas & Conclusiones)
    Karen Baldwin, Melanie Check, Jacquelin Guzman, Brandon Hankins, Anna Hawkins, Sariah Metcalfe, Joshua Schriver with Graduate Language Fellow José Martinez-Hinestroza

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