RCAH Graduate Fellowship Program in Undergraduate Teaching and Learning 2018-2019 Call for Applications

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The Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH), in collaboration with the Graduate School at Michigan State University (MSU), announces the RCAH Graduate Fellowship Program in Undergraduate Teaching and Learning for MSU graduate students. The RCAH is an interdisciplinary college with a strong commitment to social justice, civic engagement, the visual and performing arts, and world languages and cultures.  The primary goals of the program are to provide a diverse group of graduate students committed to a career in undergraduate education with professional development opportunities outside of regular classroom instruction; and to prepare Fellows to make meaningful contributions to the scholarship on teaching and learning in areas important to the RCAH.

Graduate students selected for this full-year program will participate in weekly meetings with other fellowship recipients, outside speakers, students and/or faculty members on topics related to undergraduate education; engage the scholarly literature on undergraduate teaching and learning; and complete a research project that contributes to the life of the RCAH.  This will complement other work done as part of the Certification in College Teaching Program.  Fellows will be encouraged and supported to disseminate project results on websites, peer-reviewed journals, and at conferences, including our year-end symposium.  Each fellow will receive $7500 to help support project expenses and/or travel to a conference to disseminate findings.

All applicants are invited to attend the Graduate Fellows for Teaching and Learning Symposium, where current fellows will present a poster session of their projects: April 19, 2018.  Final selection will be announced by the end of spring semester.

Successful candidates will possess the following qualifications:

  • Full-time enrollment in a program leading to a terminal degree in programs associated with the Colleges of Arts & Letters, Music, Education, Social Science, Communications Arts and Sciences, and Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Be in good academic standing and making progress toward their degree.
  • Have experience teaching undergraduates.


For further information or questions, please see the RCAH website (http://rcah.msu.edu) or contact Professor Joanna Bosse by email at jbosse@msu.edu.




Click here for a PDF or see below.


Applications must include the following items: 

1. A single PDF file that includes

  • the attached Application Information form;
  • a curriculum vitae; and
  • an essay (maximum 800 words) that addresses your professional goals and your reasons for applying.


2. A Recommendation Form (see below) to be completed and sent under separate cover from the applicant’s graduate advisor or department Chair.


Forward application materials to Dawn Janetzke via email (janetzk7@msu.edu) or fax 517-884-1244 or campus mail (Snyder Hall C210) by March 26, 2018.


Applicant Information Form

Forward application materials to Dawn Janetzke via email (janetzk7@msu.edu).










Year in Graduate Program: 


Campus Address: 







Application Materials Checklist


_____ Curriculum Vitae


_____  Essay (maximum 800 words)


_____  Recommendation Form has been forwarded to Recommender.


Name and email of recommender:  






Faculty Recommendation Form

Applicant Information


College:                                                             Dept/School:                                    Year in Program: 

Phone:                                                                Email: 

Applicant’s Waiver of Right to Access

I hereby waive my right to access this recommendation and any related attachments that have been written by _____________________________ (name of recommender) on behalf of my application to the RCAH Graduate Fellowship Program.  This waiver is effective insofar as the recommendation is used solely for the purpose of award of fellowship.  


_______________________________________________________  ____________________________

Applicant's Signature                                                                              Date


To the Recommender:

The applicant named above has applied for an RCAH Graduate Fellowship. Fellows participate in regular meetings with other RCAH fellowship recipients, faculty, students, and staff to discuss pedagogy and programmatic processes and procedures. Fellows collaborate on the design and implementation of research projects in the scholarship of teaching and learning and are encouraged to present their work in peer-reviewed journals and professional conferences. Please complete this Recommendation Form and return to Dawn Janetzke via email (janetzk7@msu.edu) or fax 517-884-1244 or campus mail (Snyder Hall C210).


I make the following recommendation for the applicant’s participation in the program.


_____  strongly recommend  

_____  recommend

_____  recommend with reservations   

_____  do not recommend


How would you rank the applicant’s research skills?


_____  outstanding (highest 5%)  

_____  very good (highest 10%)

_____  good (upper 25%)   

_____  average (upper 50%)

_____  below average (lower 50%)


How do you rank the applicant’s interpersonal communication skills?

_____  outstanding (highest 5%)  

_____  very good (highest 10%)

_____  good (upper 25%)   

_____  average (upper 50%)

_____  below average (lower 50%)


How do you rank the applicant’s self-motivation?


_____  outstanding (highest 5%)  

_____  very good (highest 10%)

_____  good (upper 25%)   

_____  average (upper 50%)

_____  below average (lower 50%)




_________________________________________           _________

Signature and title                                                                               Date