My Brother's Keeper Session

January 26, 2013 - 10:00am - 5:00pm
C301 Snyder-Phillips Hall
362 Bogue Street
East Lansing, MI 48825
United States

On Saturday, January 26, the next session of My Brother's Keeper (MBK), a program that utilizes Afrocentric education to target at-risk black males attending Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy in Detroit, will be held in C301 Snyder-Phillips Hall starting at 10 a.m. Saturday's session will address issues of violence through the lens of Hip Hop and Martial Arts, and more specifically non-violence and Aikido.

About My Brother's Keeper:

The MBK 2012-2013 program theme is "Performance Literacies: Interrelations with Social Justice and Daily Performance Empowerment" and was developed by MBK Graduate Coordinator Liz Harvin, in collaboration with Blat! Pack, a local Hip-Hop music collective. This exciting new critical literacy initiative reflects the best of what legendary old-school rapper KRS-One called "Edutainment" -- critical education through entertainmnet.

In 1990, Dr. Geneva Smitherman founded My Brother's Keeper, and served as director until January 2011. The program is currently led by Dr. Austin Jackson.

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