Neo-Futurists join the RCAH in the fifth Wednesday Night Live of the year

“We’re going back, back, back to the NeoFuture!” RCAH Dean Stephen Esquith said to a crowd in the RCAH Theater on the evening of February 25.

Joined by RCAH student Zack Silverman, Dean Esquith introduced the fifth Wednesday Night Live guest of the year with the famous scene from the 1985 classic Back to the Future.

The experimental theater group The Neo-Futurists staged their show, “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind,” a whirlwind performance of 30 original plays in 60 minutes.

“We’re a living newspaper,” NeoFuturist performance artist Brenda Arellanos said. “We try to keep active and interesting and engaged and present. It’s a major draw of this show.”

“Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” is funny, serious, messy and everything in between. The Neo-Futurists set the tone for the evening by nicknaming the audience members. Throughout the night, they continued to weave through the crowd impersonating whales, inviting people to girls’ night and giving hugs.

RCAH student Lany Dyze, otherwise known as “SQUEEZE” for the evening, was one of the people roped into the performance.

“I thought it was awesome,” she said.

Arellanos said the audience plays a huge role.

“You can’t do the show without them – you call out the numbers, you answer our questions, and you also give focus,” she said. “The energy of that space was totally changed – it was a lecture hall, and then we had you guys in there and it became something different, which is really exciting.”

The Neo-Futurists’ visit to the RCAH was just one stop on the group’s Michigan tour. Now, the Neos are back in Chicago at their home theater, the Neo-Futurarium, where they perform “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” 50 weekends out of the year.

Story by RCAH student Kelsey Block. Images by Katie Wittenauer.