RCAH 2013: More Applications, More Placements

On Saturday, March 23, the RCAH will be welcoming over 100 students to the college for New Students Day, a visit program for admitted high school seniors to interact with current RCAH students and faculty and staff, while also getting the chance to meet other incoming students.

As the RCAH prepares for its third graduating class this spring, the college is experiencing its strongest recruitment year ever. Both the number of applicants and admitted students for the entering Fall 2013 class are at an all-time high for the college. It comes as no surprise that the incoming recruitment numbers are so high, considering the college’s strong career placement data. 92 percent of the graduates in 2011 were placed in careers, higher than the overall university placement rate of 88 percent. Preliminary data for 2012 shows a similar trend, with 93 percent of graduates being placed at this time. 

RCAH graduates are working across the country and around the globe. Members of the most recent graduating classes are pursuing jobs and internships with a range of nonprofit and public sector programs, including Teach for America, AmeriCorps, the Michigan College Access Network, the Smithsonian Institution, the Baltimore Teaching Residency, and Avodah Jewish Service Corps. One graduate is a Fulbright scholar who is teaching English in Austria, and others are pursuing advanced degrees at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Michigan, George Mason University, and Florida State University.  Several other graduates entered the workforce immediately after graduating and are employed in graphic design, advertising, public relations, writing and editing, teaching, governmental affairs, and other areas of both the public and private sector.  Most recently, one of our graduates was hired to work on Nike’s green initiatives in their sustainability and innovation division.

In the fall of 2012, several recent graduates joined other residential college alumni from James Madison and Lyman Briggs for Career Day, a new visit program geared towards juniors and seniors from the Lansing School District. The alumni shared their experiences working in the fields of education, communication, arts and media, government, health and medicine, and the environment.

This spring, the RCAH will host Junior Preview Day, a visit program for high school juniors interested in learning more about the college and its interdisciplinary degree. Prospective students and their families are encouraged to schedule a visit with the RCAH anytime during the year. Click here for more information about other RCAH visit opportunities, or contact Lizzy King, Recruitment Coordinator.


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