RCAH debuts new Houses for upcoming academic year

Beginning fall semester of 2013, there will be four Houses as a part of the RCAH, which all students--incoming and current--have been sorted into. These Houses are not residential; that is, students won't actually live with their respective Houses. Each group is intended to be a diverse community, consisting of students of all ages and interests.

The House system will act partly as a way to facilitate attendance-taking at Wednesday Night Live events, and as a way to create additional opportunities for communication and unity between classes and students of varying interests. Overall, the Houses are intended to foster team spirit, building relationships, and learning and growing together.

Each house will be led by two juniors and two seniors, known as House Leaders. Every year, each House will vote on their junior leaders, and the junior leaders of the previous year will automatically rotate up into the senior House Leader positions. The House Leaders will be responsible for taking their respective House's attendance at WNL sessions, being the primary contact people for each House, being faculty liaisons for the House community, and uniting the House community through events and team spirit!

At Noodles Night on Wednesday, April 24, the House placements and leaders were announced. This summer, individual House pages and leader profiles will be published.

Questions about your House assignment or the House system? Contact Niki Rudolph, RCAH's Director of Student Affairs.

Community Houses


Senior leaders: Janelle Moulding & Bridget Schultz



Senior leaders: Libby Lussenhop & Taylor Davis



Abby Conklin & Ben Thorp



Senior leaders: Will Roboski & Kate Rhodes


House logo artwork created by Libby Lussenhop.