RCAH Graduate Fellows recognized for excellence in teaching at MSU Awards Convocation

Three RCAH Graduate Fellows were awarded Excellence in Teaching citations at MSU’s 2015 Awards Convocation on February 10. Former fellow Katie M. Manthey and current fellows Kalli B. Decker and Cameron T. Whitley were honored for the care they have given and the skill they have shown in meeting their classroom responsibilities.

Kalli B. Decker (pictured above) is a student of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in the College of Social Science. She is interested in early parent-child communication, especially for children with disabilities or families at risk. She’s also interested in the preparation of early childhood teachers or students working with at-risk families or youth.


Cameron T. Whitley is a student in the Department of Sociology in the College of Social Science.  As an environmental sociologist, much of his work focuses on climate change, natural resource extraction and conservation and human-animal relationships. Whitley is serving in the Senior Fellow role.  


Katie M. Manthey is a student in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures in the College of Arts and Letters. She is interested in bodies as rhetorical objects and how bodies communicate and how they are addressed as culturally significant.