RCAH offering two courses for Summer 2012

This summer, RCAH is offering two courses that contribute to the college's degree requirements: Appalachian String Band and Art, Culture and Competition.

RCAH 291: Appalachian String Band (C.Scales)

RCAH 320: Art, Culture and Competition (J.Bosse)
Within certain cultures, competition plays a fundamental role in artistic practices including North America where auditions, festivals, state, institution, and corporate-sponsored competitions, top-ten countdowns, and recently popularized televised talent contests such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance testify to the “natural” relationship between competition and artistic practice (including visual art, theater, poetry and literature, dance and music performance). But, what is the nature of this relationship? How does competition reflect, generate, challenge, and affirm established social relationships, aesthetic values, and artistic practices? Drawing on case studies from around the world as well as our own original research, participants in this course will attempt to answer these and related questions.

For additional information, contact Chris Scales or Joanna Bosse.