Fall 2021 Open House

Mon, December 6, 2021 7:00 PM at Snyder Hall, Second Floor

Join us for the annual RCAH Fall Open House, featuring 111 Stories, CLAC projects, and the Student Exhibition! 

RCAH 111 Stories
This semester, students enrolled in RCAH 111 “Writing in Transcultural Contexts” have been exploring the relationship between culture and various forms of human expression. Students will be present to discuss issues related to some of their original compositions arising from these explorations. This celebration of student work will include a wide variety of written, visual, and multimedia projects that ask us to reflect on how we make meaning in cultural contexts.

CLAC Program
Students participating in RCAH’s Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum Program (CLAC) will showcase projects from Integrated Language Options (ILOs) in Anishinaabemowin, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish.

The End-of-semester Student Exhibition in C201-203 will present student work from Professor Jeno Rivera's Senior Seminar, and Professor Guillermo Delgado's Intro to Community Engagement.

Flyer for RCAH Fall Open House, with the same text as above but including three images of student work: one sculpture of a golden woman with paper flames around her, one mixed media painting of a whale with a rainbow background, and one artwork depicting two whales in the classic Taoist/Daoist yin yang shape.