Caileigh Grant

Student Info

Graduation Year:
Spring 2017
Troy, Michigan

How did you decide on RCAH?

I found RCAH before the summer of senior year of high school when touring MSU. It was mentioned in passing but the words “arts and humanities” stuck out to me like they were highlighted. I did some research and decided that RCAH would be perfect for a student like me unsure of where exactly I wanted to go with my college career. I knew I was interested in both arts and humanities and fortunately, RCAH is both.

What are your academic interests?

Here at RCAH I think my favorite classes have been the ones that have dealt closely with literature. This is not surprising seeing as I also am pursuing a degree in English. In addition to English and RCAH, I am also interested in secondary education and plan to become a high school English teacher.

What are your favorite aspects of the RCAH experience?

My favorite aspect of the RCAH experience has been how versatile and different the RCAH experience is. I love the conversations that classes have about literature but I also love the classes that are entirely different. Classes that have given me placements through civic engagement and required me to go into the community for coursework I have also found incredibly rewarding. I also adored my arts workshop classes in which we were encouraged to make art no mater your skill level.

What all these different facets of RCAH have in common however is the creation that RCAH encourages. No matter what the focus of the class is, creation tends to be at the heart. Sometimes we are creating meaning from a text or creating a relationship with community members. Other times, we are literally creating works of art or music. I think that creation is ultimatly my favorite aspect of the RCAH experience.

What are your future plans?

I’m graduating in the spring of 2017 with my RCAH degree and summer 2017 with my English degree. Fall of 2017 I will begin student teaching at Clarkston High School in southeast Michigan. After my student teaching year I will be certified to teach at any public school in Michigan but I’m contemplating teaching abroad.

What are your hobbies and interests within and outside of RCAH?

I love to read and will read just about anything although I tend to reach for science fiction and comic books more these days. I like to knit and just recently learned to cross stitch and find both art forms a great way to destress after long days. I also enjoy doing yoga and listening to podcasts. Lastly, I enjoy house plants and taking care of them. They make any space friendlier while also cleaning your air.

Have you ever taken part in Study Abroad/Study Away at MSU? If so, which programs?

Study Abroad was perhaps my favorite thing I’ve done while at MSU. During the summer of 2016 I took a study abroad trip through the English department to Ireland. We were studying Irish literature in both Galway and Dublin. I was able to meet and speak with several Irish writers about their works. I also attended films and plays in both cities in order to experience Irish literature in more ways than simply print form. I do believe that every person should experience study abroad. There is truly no other experience like it.