Anna Green

Student Info

Graduation Year:
Spring 2018
Grand Rapids, MI

Anna Green is a PhD candidate in the English department at Michigan State University. Her dissertation tentatively titled, "The Aesthetics of Urban Precarity" explores the dialogic relationship between the precarious subject positions of woman artists and their engagements with collage and collage adjacent methodologies. Her ancillary interests include fashion studies and digital humanities pedagogies. An article combining these two interests, “Project Runway and the Second-hand clothing challenge” is featured in the collection, Teaching Fashion Studies forthcoming from Bloomsbury Press. Her article “Motor Flight, Gender, and Anxiety,” will also appear in the forthcoming volume Wharton and Hemingway: Architects of American Modernism from Louisiana State University Press.

As a second year RCAH teaching fellow, Anna looks forward to building on her project from last year, which considered the dialogic relationship between the critical thinking performed in creative projects and the development of the skills necessary for success on the analytical essay.

Anna Green's work.