April Greenwood

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Originally from a small Texas town, April finished her high school career as an exchange student in Germany and attended undergrad at Texas A&M University where she graduated with a double major in International Studies and Anthropology. She earned her master’s degree at North Bengal University in India and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Anthropology at MSU. Throughout her academic career, April’s research has focused on the ways human beings make meaning from the diversity around them. Her master’s research in India examined cross-cultural interactions between Tibetan refugees and local populations. In the small Tanzanian town where she conducts her Ph.D. research, April studies how Indian and African business communities utilize their cultural differences to leverage social support in a dying economy.

April believes that individuals from different academic fields enter the classroom with their own understandings of what “valid” knowledge is. Her teaching project at RCAH frames teaching as a guided event in which MSU students from different academic “cultures” come together to make meaning from their classroom experience, and her inquires center around the exercise of vulnerability in interdisciplinary classrooms. What teaching practices encourage MSU students to move past what they already know and benefit from the diversity of knowledges around them?