Libby Lussenhop

Student Info

Graduation Year:
May 2014
Clarkston, Michigan

How did you decide on RCAH?
As I looked at colleges during my senior year in high school, it quickly became clear that enrolling in the RCAH was the only way that I could remain thoroughly engrossed in every area of interest in my life. I have always loved reading, writing, editing, music, art, Romance languages, culture, and communities—and I didn’t want to stop discovering new interests and passions. 

A lot of people enter into college thinking that they have to drop the “non-essential” elements of their studies, and start focusing on a single career goal. The RCAH has taught me that I can and should do everything I love, because a well-rounded person is happy and ultimately successful in a variety of contexts.

What are your academic interests?
My primary major is the Arts and Humanities, but I have a second degree in Professional Writing, and minors in Spanish and Portuguese. My favorite classes usually involve engagement with a community, interesting literature, and first-hand research…or, especially in the RCAH, all three of those elements!

What are your favorite aspects of the RCAH experience?
If I had to choose one favorite aspect of the RCAH experience, it would be the diverse array of people and personalities all sharing the same spaces. And I love being a part of a community that respects and empowers each member.

What are your future plans?
My future plans involve living in cool places, writing, and making enriching opportunities more accessible for people all over the world. Yes, it’s a vague plan, but that’s only because I love a lot of things…which (I believe) makes my probability for success higher, like most RCAH students I know. After graduation, I hope to move and get a job in writing, editing, communication, or design.

Three (of many) of my potential dream jobs:

  1. working for a young-adult-literature-focused publishing house

  2. running an interdisciplinary K-12 school (where students teach teachers, and learn math through music, etc.)

  3. being the voice for an animated cartoon character (with success paralleling PBS Kids’ “Arthur”)

What are your hobbies and interests within and outside RCAH?
I play trumpet and squad-lead in the Spartan Marching Band; I’m in RCAHppella (the RCAH’s a cappella group) and I arrange some of the music we sing; I do freelance video animation through a small business called Digital Grin Communications (like us on Facebook!); I love chatting about the RCAH with students and parents as an RCAH Ambassador; I’m the secretary for RCAH Council, the RCAH student council; I watch “30 Rock” on Netflix almost every day because it’s basically perfect; I read and write and create and play music and write run-on sentences too, but I never end sentences with prepositions…at with on.

Have you ever taken part in Study Abroad/Study Away at MSU? If so, what programs?
In the summer of 2013, I spent eight weeks in Costa Rica with fifteen other RCAH students (who I now consider to be my fifteen extra family members). We were in Santa Ana for the first four weeks of the trip, studying Spanish language and conversation at a school called Conversa. We also took classes with Vincent Delgado and Scot Yoder regarding community development and ethical tourism. For the last four weeks, we were scattered across four different rural communities. I was placed in Cedral, a small mountain village, and spent every day working on organic farms, teaching English to the community members, hanging out with my host family (especially my seven-year-old brother, Joshua), and speaking a  ton of Spanish. It was, to be totally cliché about it, life-altering. I learned a lot, especially about Spanish, community, and about how full and rich a single day can be.