Kelly Birch Maginot

Student Info

Graduation Year:
Chicago, Illinois

Kelly Birch Maginot is a doctoral candidate in sociology and managing editor of the GPID Working Papers series. She is a recent transplant to the Midwest, after living a nomadic life spanning six countries and four U.S. states. Her research and teaching interests include international migration, citizenship, gender, social movements, and grassroots development. In her dissertation, she explores immigrant detention, deportation, and citizenship using in-depth interviews and observations with deported Salvadorans and their loved ones. Specifically, she asks how immigration status and deportation experiences affect political and social (re)integration in the U.S. and El Salvador.

Kelly has worked with students ranging from preschool to college, most recently teaching and lecturing in numerous sociology courses at Michigan State. She is excited to learn how RCAH fosters students’ passion for civic engagement and creativity. She is dedicated to connecting her scholarship with community engagement and has served as an advocate for sexual assault survivors and their families as well as an expert witness in asylum cases. When she is off campus, she enjoys cooking and eating new dishes, camping, hiking, and catching up with family and friends.