Audrey Matusz

Student Info

Graduation Year:
Spring 2018
Okemos, Michigan

How did you decide on RCAH?
A family friend connected me with an RCAH grad and she convinced me this was the place for an aspiring filmmaker/journalist/artist/human rights activist.

What are your academic interests?
Currently I'm really getting into graphic illustrations/design! However, I dedicate most of my academic life studying the effects of race in Western culture through media, film, and music. 

What are your favorite aspects of the RCAH experience?
RCAH was a great fit for me because I wasn't forced to chose between my love for social sciences and the arts. I think upon entering MSU, I was worried that my interests would isolate me from my peers. This was certainly not the case as RCAH has plenty of aspiring "filmmakers/journalist/artist/human rights activists". 

What are your future plans?
I want to complete two documentaries before I graduate. So far I've only made short films. This year, I've been gathering a small team of friends to complete a project by 2018. After that, I will apply to organizations that are passionate about sharing "unpopular" stories and continue my quest to share other's voices. Right now, with my skill sets, I see my "first job" being a staff writer/reporter, video intern or project manager. 

What are your hobbies and interests within and outside of RCAH?
I'm the station manager at Impact 88.9 FM. We're MSU's indie/alternative radio station and my job is to establish new (as well as maintain) connections on campus and improving internal structure. Basically, I enlist my creativity and awareness to think of ways to improve everyone's experience at the Impact. I also occasionally make audio narratives for a podcast called, The Undercurrent. Within RCAH, I have realized another hobby: teaching art to youth. During my three years at RCAH, I have volunteered with My Brother's Keeper and worked with various youth from Lansing through Civic Engagement courses. Improving my individual art skills has been fantastic, but it has been more rewarding witnessing kids fall in love with their own self-expression.