Molly McClean

Student Info

Graduation Year:
May 2014
Lake Orion, MI

What have you done since graduating and where are you now?
I have been working with City Year Detroit, which an Americorps nonprofit located in 28 sites across the U.S. and 3 internationally. Their goal is to work with schools to reduce the drop out crisis and close the achievement gap. I live in Midtown Detroit currently and love my job and my city! 

How did RCAH prepare you for what you're doing now?
RCAH prepared me for what I am doing now in so many ways. I learned how to critically think about many social justice, education, and societal problems that we currently deal with. The classes, articles, and conversations pushed me to really understand these concepts that can be very challenging but important and should be applied in any field that you work in. The conversations and passions that are in the RC with every student and every professor inspired me and continue to inspire me not only in my daily professional life but personal as well.  

What were your academic interests in RCAH?
My academic interests while in RCAH really focused on education. My second 292B class worked within schools in East Lansing, my 310 focused on Malian education, and the 15 credits extra I used to take child psych classes, TE 150/250, and sociology classes focusing on youth in urban areas. The humanitarian and ethics focus I took prepared me greatly for the job that I am currently working in. 

What were your favorite aspects of the RCAH experience?
My favorite aspects were the holistic education that I attained. The conversation and civic engagement focused learning really gave me a good idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Not only that, but my classes pushed me in my spiritual and relational life as well as academic and professional. That kind of learning should exist in all kinds of education, not just higher. RCAH definitely gave me new perspective and different ways of thinking. 

Did you ever take part in Study Abroad/Study Away at MSU?
I partook in a study abroad the summer of my senior year. I went to Thailand to get my language proficiency out of the way. (Not proficient in Thai, but could've been if I stayed longer!) I was there for two months and it was absolutely incredible. I highly recommend traveling to counties that are beyond the Western world. The thinking, culture, and view of everything is completely different. Not to mention, it is absolutely beautiful. 

What words of wisdom do you have for current RCAH students?
While in RCAH, take every opportunity to learn everything you can. Focus your learning, but soak in every piece of information that is given to you. Take it home with you. Think about it, dream about it. If you let this consume you, you'll never regret it!