Janelle Moulding

Student Info

Graduation Year:
Spring 2014
Southfield, MI

What have you done since graduating and where are you now? 
I am currently living in Lansing working at an advocate in two homeless shelters. I work as a youth advocate in the Kevin Moody Youth Home, a shelter for runaway and homeless teens and as the Child and Family advocate for EVE Inc., which is a domestic violence shelter. 

How did RCAH prepare you for what you're doing now? 
YES. RCAH taught me so many things when it comes to work with people and being the most effective advocate I can be. Because I got the chance to actively participate in my education, I graduated with a lot of experience in the field I am in now. I also get the chance to pass on my own knowledge to the women and children I work with every day. RCAH prepared me to be ready for the hard realities and how to not only process them, but actively work to change them. 

What were your academic interests in RCAH?
In RCAH I kind of had my finger in every pot. I learned about so many things and then had the opportunity to focus on child and youth development through an additional major in Family Community Services so technically my pathway in RCAH was my second major. 

What were your favorite aspects of the RCAH experience?
I love how passionate everyone is and how comfortable the setting is. I was able to freely express my thought process in class and grow from my experience. I may not have known much about a lot of things, but because of my peers and professors and their passion I was able to learn a vast amount. If it hadn't been for the nurturing and safe environment, I wouldn't have learned as much nor be able to make it so applicable to my own experience. RCAH feels like home and that’s something I never could have gotten somewhere else. 

Did you ever take part in Study Abroad/Study Away at MSU? 
I did! In the summer of 2014 I spent five weeks in Kenya. I worked with youth in different organizations and continue to develop a partnership with MSU. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not only did I get to learn about another culture, I was immersed in it. I also created relationships with loving people that I still keep in touch with. If you get the chance go on Study Abroad! Go on three! I wish I had gone on more and getting to travel when you can still apply for scholarships is an opportunity that SHOULD NOT be overlooked.

What words of wisdom do you have for current RCAH students? Take every opportunity that you get. I promise you will never look back and wish you had taken less chances in life. College, and RCAH, is so amazing and while it can be easy to take for granted, don't. Take time to tell people thank you and be grateful during the process.