Ryan Roehler

Student Info

Graduation Year:
Spring 2019
Traverse City, MI

How did you decide on RCAH?
I like to think that RCAH found me. Most of my life I had known that I wanted to go to Michigan State (I think it runs in my blood), but I didn’t know what area to study. During my junior year of high school, however, I received a pamphlet about RCAH in the mail and I decided to check it out. As I browsed the RCAH website, I began to think that RCAH was the place for me so I scheduled an individual visit to explore the college firsthand. After my visit, I knew that I wanted to go here, and I’ve loved it ever since!

What are your academic interests?
I have many academic interests, as do many of the students in RCAH, which is one of the main reasons why I chose RCAH because I am able to explore many of my interests at the same time. My main interests are writing, literature, literacy, pedagogy, community engagement, psychology, and photography.

Officially, I am a dual major in RCAH and English with a concentration in Creative Writing.

What are your favorite aspects of the RCAH experience?
I think that I can confidently say that RCAH is unlike any other liberal arts program. I love that I get to enjoy the intimate and closely connected environment of RCAH, while, also, having access to the many resources that Michigan State, a large research institution, provides, which essentially gives RCAH students the ‘best of both worlds.’

Additionally, I love the open-format and small class sizes of RCAH courses because of the profound, engaging discussions that arise in such a setting. Another benefit of this sort of class setting is that I have been able to make exceptionally strong relationships with my professors. I believe that my RCAH professors are mentors to me in the sense that they continually push me in new directions, which has allowed me to consider different viewpoints and areas of study that are not traditionally discussed.

Finally, I love that I can enjoy all that RCAH has to offer under one roof, which truly makes it a ‘living, learning community.’ In the home of RCAH, Snyder-Phillips Hall, I am able to go to class, visit my professor’s and advisor’s offices, explore the Lookout! Art Gallery, attend performances and talks in the RCAH Theatre, utilize the many resources of the Language and Media Center, work in the art studio, and much more. I am remarkably grateful for all of these resources and spaces that are at my disposal, and that they are all within such close proximity. 

What are your future plans?
I am still trying to figure out what I want to do after graduation and I think that RCAH has been helping me to do that. I can see myself going down a number of different paths and RCAH’s interdisciplinary curriculum has allowed me to start narrowing down these paths and see which areas I am most passionate about. Right now, I am leaning towards pursuing a graduate degree in English or Literacy with the hope of one day becoming a professor, although, I am still open to the fact that this may likely change as I progress through my undergraduate experience.

What are your hobbies and interests within and outside of RCAH?
Inside of RCAH, I am greatly involved in a teaching and mentoring program called My Brother’s Keeper, where I am able to work with middle school aged, African American kids from Detroit. I am also a staff photographer for the student run magazine, RCAHive that produces a differently-themed magazine each semester. Lastly, I am a member of RCAH Ambassadors, which gives me the opportunity to talk how about how much I love RCAH (one of my favorite things to do) with prospective students.

Outside of RCAH, I enjoy reading everything that I can get my hands on, writing poetry and short stories, watching films, listening to music, photography, spending time outdoors (hiking, biking, camping, etc.), volunteering, and exploring new places. I am also a Resident Assistant (RA) at MSU. 

Have you ever taken part in Study Abroad/Study Away at MSU? 
Yes I did! The summer before my freshman year I took part in the “Cultures of Creativity” Study Away program in Detroit with RCAH professor, Dave Sheridan, and other incoming RCAH and Engineering Freshman. During this weeklong program, I was able to explore and analyze various “creative hubs” in the city of Detroit (and eat a lot of great food.) It was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to all incoming RCAH Freshman.