#WeRCAHnnected: RCAH Resources and Updates During COVID-19

 Image reads "We RCAHnnected" which is a play on words for "we are connected"


MOST RECENT UPDATE: Spring semester housing options and applications. See below.

RCAH: Together We Will Because #WeRCAHnnected

“WeRCAHnnected” is the unifying theme of the RCAH community during the COVID-19 pandemic. It describes a sense of unity among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the College, even with most of us living, going to school, and working remotely. "Together We Will" is the guiding principle of MSU's pandemic response.


Getting in Contact

The RCAH main office telephone line, 517-355-0210, is being monitored during regular business hours, so please reach out if you need any help or guidance. Visit our bio pages if you would ike to reach RCAH faculty and staff. 

Students: Your faculty members and RCAH staff want to know how you are doing and how we can make your RCAH and MSU experience as successful as possible. You can reach your faculty members and staff here.

Further resources follow.


Where To Turn for Help

Scan this page for resources and links to help in areas of:

If you have questions or need help, as always, please reach out to your advisors and faculty about where to go next. Advisors are ready and able to discuss any question or need you might have.

Together We Will: Check out the Together We Will website for more details about the comprehensive resources available to all MSU students, faculty, staff, and the MSU extended community.


Spring Semester 2021

Dean Stephen Esquith began to address plans for Spring Semester in a letter to students on October 23. More information about spring break, days without classes, and the last day of classes can be found below. Further details will be forthcoming.


Mental Health, Medical, and Emergency Help

Help from RCAH and MSU resources is here for you, including the MSU mental health caregivers through student mental health resources. Check out the Together We Will website for more details about the resources available to you.

If you have questions, reach out to your advisors and faculty about where to go next.

MSU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS): Staff is working remotely to help meet the needs of MSU students, and CAPS offices at Olin Health Center, MSU Student Union, and the Neighborhoods are closed. CAPS Phone (517-355-8270) will be set to a voice prompt with 3 options: (Press 1) To talk with a crisis counselor, (Press 2) to leave a message with the CAPS Nurse which will be responded to within one business day, or (Press 3) for general messages.

  • Patients needing a prescription refill prior to their next appointment can use the MyMSUHealth patient portal to make the request: https://mymsuhealth.hc.msu.edu
  • 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line: (517) 372-6666
  • ULifeline: Text "START" to 741-741 or call 1 (800) 273-8255
  • The Steve Fund: eared towards students of color who wish to connect with a culturally trained crisis counselor- Text Steve to 741741. 
  • Medical Amnesty: If you are unsure how much medication or alcohol someone has taken, and they are unable to communicate with you, call 9-1-1.  Michigan's Medical Amnesty law protects you from legal charges for possession/use of substances in the event that you request emergency services to assist someone in danger of alcohol poisoning, overdose, etc.

Student Health Services is advising students to FIRST CALL 517-353-4660 to determine whether you'll schedule an appointment, receive care by phone, or information for self-care.

MSU Recreational Sports and Fitness is offering students, faculty, and staff options for remote and in-person fitness. More information

More information about mental health and medical resources during COVID-19 can be found here: https://remote.msu.edu/learning/mental-health.html


RCAH Resources and Help


Advising and Courses

Where to turn for help: Students are encouraged to reach out to their advisors directly (http://rcah.msu.edu/current-students/advising/index.html) if they have questions about academics, courses, grading, scheduling/calendars, technology, accessibility, or any other concerns. Advisors can help with information and updates about scheduling appointments, career advising, availability hours, and more.

Schedules: Students are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisors with questions about their schedules. RCAH students should schedule their advising appointments through https://msu.campus.eab.com.

Courses: Consult with your professors regarding your online classes. If you are having problems with technology related to courses and coursework, contact the MSU IT Helpdesk at 517-432-6200 or 844-678-6200, or visit their website: https://tech.msu.edu/support/help/.



Currently, there are no plans to adopt a binary grade recording system like Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory in the 2020-2021 academic year.

President Stanley has approved “NR-C (No Record - COVID19)” grading designation. In the coming days, members of the University Committee on Undergraduate Education and the Council of Undergraduate Education Deans will create an FAQ to address questions regarding this. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their academic advisers to determine possible implications of their choices.


Spring Semester 2021 Academic Calendar

RCAH will hold no in-person classes during the Spring Semester 2021: Please refer to the MSU academic calendar for Spring Semester, which applies to RCAH and virtually all undergraduate and most graduate programs.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: There will be no classes at MSU on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 18.

Spring Break: MSU will have no spring break during Spring Semester 2021, a difficult decision reached also by most of MSU’s peer institutions in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. MSU has scheduled four midweek days without classes during the semester to allow students an opportunity to take a brief break from their academic routine.

Days Without Classes:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2-3 (the week prior to the previously scheduled spring break). President Stanley and Provost Woodruff have requested that faculty not assign additional work expectations for these two break days in March. 
  • Thursday and Friday, April 22-23 (the last two days of the semester). These two days are meant to provide the student body with study days before finals week.

Last Day of Classes: Classes will end on Wednesday, April 21, and finals week will be moved up one week earlier than previously scheduled to allow for a week-long period for graduation ceremonies. 


Online Learning Mentors and Help

First-year and transfer students are encouraged to remain connected with their Circles of Success mentors who were assigned to them at the beginning of fall semester. Students who have not yet joined this program can login to get connected with a mentor today. 

Non-first-year or transfer students should consider taking advantage of the other mentoring and coaching opportunities  across campus in support of their student success.

The MSU Keep Learning website continues to be updated with resources and information based on feedback received throughout the fall semester, including helpful resources and tips on remote and online learning.


Further Information about Academics

For further information about MSU academics, visit https://msu.edu/together-we-will/classes-academics/.


Technology and Technical Support

Courses: For technical information or concerns about individual courses, please contact your professor first so they are aware or can help.

Then, if you continue to experience technical issues, contact the MSU IT Helpdesk at 517-432-6200 or 844-678-6200, or visit their website: https://tech.msu.edu/support/help/. In addition, you can always contact your academic advisor for guidance.

Here are further resources for online classes and resources:




The MSU Library is offering a wealth of information and resources, including consultations with librarians, research resources, remote access, and many other topics: https://lib.msu.edu/covid19/OnlineDistanceLearningResources/ 


Student Financial Resources


Student Housing and Dining

Student Housing and MSU LiveOn

Campus living: MSU is taking requests for spring 2020 housing, offering around 2,500 additional students a space on campus. For specific information about spring housing options and applications, visit https://liveon.msu.edu/spring-2021-housing 

For the most up-to-date information during COVID-19 on housing, residence halls, and living at MSU, visit https://liveon.msu.edu.

Off-campus housing: For off-campus housing resources and information, visit:

Culinary Services

For the most up-to-date information about all MSU Culinary Services operations, including dining halls, Sparty's, Starbucks, and other locations, visit https://eatatstate.msu.edu


Entering Snyder-Phillips Hall

If you need to enter Snyder-Phillips, MSU is requiring the submission of a health screening questionnaire each time you visit. Thank you for your cooperation. Here is the link:



RCAH Admissions and Recruitment

RCAH recruitment coordinators Sahar Mahmood and Ruggie Ramereiz are working and available. Contact Ruggie and Sahar today to arrange a virtual or in-person meeting.



MSUvote: Serving voting-age people, the greater MSU Community, and Spartans everywhere, the nonpartisan MSUvote offers up-to-date information and resources on voting, no matter where you live. Find information on

  • Important election-related event dates and deadlines
  • Registering to vote 
  • Whether or not you are registered 
  • Absentee ballots and how to request one
  • Where and how you can vote
  • Candidate information
  • Fun election-related democratic engagement events

Fact: In Michigan and some other states, you can register to vote, and then vote, up to and including on Election Day at your local clerk's office. Find resources about where and how you can register at MSUvote.


Current Updates and Informational Resources for Students, Parents, and the MSU Community

  • MSU Together We Will: Detailed, updated information about Michigan State University operations and COVID-19 response can be found at MSU’s Together We Will website.
  • MSU Student Health Services is updating its COVID-19 Info & Resources website with important health and safety information for MSU students. 
  • A toll-free number, 888-353-1294, has been set up to answer questions from the MSU community.
  • General Information about coronavirus from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/index.html.
  • Information about COVID-19 locally, nationwide, and globally: Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University, including the groundbreaking COVID-19 global mapping system.