What Can I Do With My RCAH Degree?

At RCAH we don’t have just one path that we’re going to take after graduation. We could go anywhere.

Kate Rhodes '14, Outdoor Education Instructor at the Ashokan Center

Between 2013 and 2018, this is what life after RCAH has looked like for our alumni:


land a job or enroll in grad school


gain full-time employment


pursue post-graduate degrees


start a business

Life After RCAH

RCAH students know they want to make a meaningful change in the world, and the versatility of the degree makes this possible in a number of fields. A degree from RCAH opens doors to an array of meaningful post-graduate opportunities, and the skills you develop will also make you adaptable to the reality of our changing world and job market.

At the end of your time with us, you’ll be an effective writer, an analytical thinker, and a creative problem solver. RCAH students graduate with the skills and experience employers seek, can effectively interact with and listen to other cultures, and are able to articulate how these assets align with their goals.

A degree from RCAH indicates to the world and employers that you are a human who thinks critically, uses your passion and voice for good, practices active listening and empathy and is ready to be a changemaker in your chosen field. Whether you wish to step directly into the workforce or pursue and advanced degree, you are part of an impressive group of alumni positioned for influence and success.

For the past five years, RCAH graduates have had a 100 percent placement rate in careers or graduate school. This MSU-best statistic is so impressive because RCAH students develop the top skills sought by employers and recruitment representatives:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Digital literacy
  • Intercultural fluency
  • Clear, concise writing
  • Teamwork & leadership
  • Strong oral communication

Our Alumni

Our growing community of alumni includes instructional designers, educators, outreach coordinators, VISTAs, journalists, language interpreters, filmmakers, photographers, marketing specialists, operations managers, museum curators, gallerists, and so much more. They are entrepreneurs, advocates, artists, volunteers, writers, communicators, activists, and leaders making a change in communities far and wide.

Read more about our alumni and their careers: RCAH Graduates: Making an Impact.

Careers and Internships

Learn more about RCAH's career consulting and the MSU Career Services Network by visiting the RCAH Careers and Internships page.