Julie Thomas-Beckett

A white woman with short gray hair wearing a purple turtleneck top smiles at the camera.

Julie Thomas-Beckett is a parent of an RCAH graduate, Elizabeth Beckett, Class of 2018. Julie is a graduate of the MSU College of Nursing, and works as a family nurse practitioner in East Lansing. She is the author of "The Work of Nonviolence: Stories from the Frontline," a trainer for the Meta Peace Team, and speaker on issues of effective communication and de-escalation tools for tense times. Believing that the issues of our day will be most effectively addressed with a firm foundation in the humanities, the arts and civic engagement, Julie and her husband Rocky have committed to RCAH with their time and philanthropy. She is grateful to be part of a college doing bold, creative, and impactful work in communities. Go RCAH!