Maren Case

Contact Info: 

Maren Case is a junior within RCAH following the Language and Culture Pathway, and is pursuing minors in writing and religious studies. Within her Communications internship, she writes pieces for various RCAH outlets and provides creative support to her peers. She is inspired by the opportunity to craft newly written works for her college. 

A Communications intern since the Fall of 2022, she looks forward to collaborating with the college and highlighting its fascinating goings-on through her writing. From her position, she hopes to gain invaluable experience and a polished knowledge of professional authorship.

She works currently as ambassador for the college, has previously been an undergraduate research assistant within RCAH, and administered tours of Beaumont Tower as the Historian of MSU’s 2021 Tower Guard class. Presently, she spends her spare time sailing, working on stained glass pieces, and making music as a part of MSU’s Capital Green A Cappella.