Acclaimed filmmaker Eugene Jarecki visits campus

September 28, 2015

On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, filmmaker Eugene Jarecki visited Michigan State University. Faculty and students from across campus gathered in the RCAH theater to hear Jarecki speak about his career and ask questions about his films, which include The House I Live In and Why We Fight.

RCAH and Media and Information senior Dani Dillon is an aspiring documentary filmmaker. She said she thought Jarecki’s film The House I Live In was particularly powerful. The film explores the war on drugs and the criminal justice system.

“It explored the policies that has created the environment since the 80s, but also the human lives and how it’s affected them,” Dillon said. “I thought it was a really effective film, and I really wanted to listen to the filmmaker because hopefully, I can do something like this someday.”

Dillon also appreciated the impact Jarecki’s work has had in bringing attention to sensitive issues. “He’s very, very knowledgeable. He’s also very compassionate, and that’s kind of the RCAH spirit,” she said.

Story by RCAH student Kelsey Block. Photo by Katie Wittenauer.