Local hip hop artists, community leaders visit RCAH as first WNL guests of 2016

February 5, 2016

Artists Sacramento Knoxx and Ozay Moore visited RCAH on January 27 as the first Wednesday Night Live guests of 2016. 

Based in Detroit, Knoxx is a filmmaker, emcee, and community organizer. He and his apprentices work as activists to promote social justice and discussions of cultural identity. In Lansing, Moore is the director of All of the Above Creative, a youth mentorship program that uses the arts to create positive change.   

Knoxx has visited professor Estrella Torrez’s classes in the past to teach community and trust building, but this was Moore’s first time visiting the RCAH.

The two visited classes and workshopped with students throughout the day, and gave performances and participated in a Q&A in the evening.   

Both Knoxx and Moore started out with a love for their community and music that grew into something more.

“I think it was going as you go and different things happening and the need for that and stepping up,” Knoxx said. “Hip hop made me continue to make sure what I’m doing is impactful.”

“Hip hop is lifestyle,” Moore said. “It was the concept of making something out of nothing that stuck with me.”

Moore started his career as a touring emcee, but switched to local work after his seventh album. “I made that decision to dig deep and say, ‘Now what can I do here in this place?’” Moore said.

They each said they appreciate the way hip hop can be used to mobilize people and create discussion.

Listen to Knoxx's interview on WKAR Current State here.

Story by Kelsey Block, photos by Samantha Kinjorski.