RCAH students plan college dialogue on intersectionality

March 19, 2016

On Monday, March 21, and Tuesday, March 22, the RCAH community is invited to "RCAH Dialogues: Race, Gender, and Intersectionality" in the Snyder-Phillips classrooms.

The first night will be limited to RCAH students only, with faculty, staff and alumni joining on Tuesday.

The dialogue will be the second to take place in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Participants in the RCAH Dialogues last fall indicated through a survey that they would like to discuss intersectionality in the next event.

RCAH and sociology student Sydney Meadowcroft has been involved since the beginning of the project.

Meadowcroft said a number of things will be different this time around, including allotting more time for deeper conversation and adding opportunities for artistic expression.

The event will consist of a number of interactive games and discussions which will encourage participants to reflect on how they treat their own identity and that of others.

“A large focus will be how RCAH can provide a safe space for people who often feel marginalized due to their race or gender,” Meadowcroft said.

“I think the Dialogues are important because they open up a space for students to express their opinions on the state of the world and the RCAH,” Meadowcroft said, adding that she hopes the dialogues will help organizations like RCAH Council learn more about what students are interested in.

“In RCAH Council we are always looking to help students do just this, so the Dialogues are a good resource for us to find out how students are feeling and how we can help them get their ideas put into action.”

Story by RCAH student Kelsey Block.