A Look Inside The End of Semester Student Exhibition (ESSE) at LookOut! Art Gallery, Running Now to Dec. 14th

December 10, 2018

  • Step inside the world of an RCAH student at the LookOut! Art Gallery from now until Dec. 14th.
  • The work displayed at the gallery dives into the meanings we place on cultural context, and interpretations from all members of the RCAH community.
  • “We learn more when we share.”


By Kara Dempsey ‘19


LookOut! Art Gallery will be exhibiting 111 Stories and Integrated Language Option (ILO) presentations from students and faculty until the end of the semester. The End of Semester Student Exhibition (ESSE– Latin: To Be) transformed the LookOut! Art Gallery into an exhibit of individual stories that together tell one large tale: RCAH students are changing the world.

The pieces range from paintings, short films, and new media projects that bring cultural context to the forefront of the conversation on cultivating it’s meaning. Language-centered projects in similar forms will be showcased at the gallery during this time from RCAH students and language fellows who have chosen the Integrated Language Option (ILO) as well.

Academic Specialist and LookOut! Preparator Steve Baibak put the message of the exhibit into perspective: “We learn more when we share.”

Baibak oversees the display of student and faculty work in the gallery. He noted the importance of the art of displaying the pieces saying, “I often will present ways of displaying work for people who want to show but might not know how to display it, for others I provide them with the tools, pedestals, or wall space they need. This shows strength is in its variety, and it is as interdisciplinary as the college its self.”

Baibak noted the great addition of ILO to the ESSE, “The ILO presentations bring many folks into the space that would of otherwise not know the gallery was there. Over all it is a big celebration of the physical manifestations of our (Ourcah) learning.” 

ESSE is free and open to the public weekdays 12-3pm from now until Dec. 14th.