RCAH Has Record-breaking Give Green Day

March 22, 2022

  • RCAH’s best Give Green Day yet raised $6,118 for the Enhanced Student Opportunity Fund
  • The total amount RCAH raised was $7,268 from 89 donations.
  • These donations will directly go to supporting students. 

By Chrystel Lopez '23

RCAH asked—and donors answered.

Thanks to 77 individual donors, RCAH enjoyed its best Give Green Day ever for a target project, raising $6,118 on March 15, 2022, for the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities Enhanced Student Opportunity Fund to support student scholarships. 

The total exceeds RCAH’s project goal by more than 20 percent. Throughout MSU, Give Green Day donors gave over $1.3 million for a wide variety of projects. RCAH total for Give Green Day—including gifts that were donated to other RCAH funds—is $7,268 from 89 donations.

RCAH sophomore Esli Mendoza working the Give Green Day table in Snyder Hall to collect donations for the scholarship fund.

RCAH sophomore Esli Mendoza working the Give Green Day table

in Snyder Hall to collect donations for the scholarship fund.

Give Green Day is a University-wide annual 24-hour fundraising experience where students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends donate to their favorite MSU programs and colleges. 

RCAH Professor and Interim Dean Dylan Miner, who has been a part of the College for about 15 years, has seen firsthand the impact of the RCAH Enhanced Student Opportunity Fund Scholarship on students. 

“Many would not be able to attend college, depriving them of becoming the next Fulbright Scholar, the next community networker, the next comic book creator, the next environmental lawyer, the next award-winning poet, the next change agent,” Miner said.

Junior Maggie Lupton, a dual major in Arts and Humanities as well as Film Studies, enjoys writing and producing short films. Without the RCAH Enhanced Student Opportunity Fund, she wouldn’t be able to.

“This scholarship meant a lot to me as it allowed me to focus more time on my academics as well as creative projects,” Lupton said.  

To see the donor honor roll, challenge winners, and other projects, https://givingday.msu.edu/projects/residential-college-arts-and-humanities 


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