RCAH Professor Estrella Torrez featured in MSUToday

April 21, 2023

By RCAH Communications

Estrella Torrez, Associate Professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH) at Michigan State University, was recently featured in MSU Today with a Faculty Voice first-person account of her work with Latinx and Indigenous youth and families in the Lansing School District.

That work led to her being awarded the MSU Outreach and Engagement 2023 Distinguished Partnership Award for Community-Engaged Creative Activity.

“I learned from a young age that everybody had to show up to thrive as a community and as a family,” Torrez says in the MSUToday feature. “I bring that idea with me when working in higher education, and it is the core of the work I do with Indigenous and Latinx communities.”

Torrez’s project also explores graduation rates among Indigenous and Latinx youth, and she works alongside the Lansing School District to activate the vast community engagement resources that the Greater Lansing area and MSU can create and provide. Learn more about her project and award here: https://rcah.msu.edu/news/DPA-torrez.html