Naomi Shihab Nye

Visiting Dates

April 18, 2012

Known for poetry that lends a fresh perspective to ordinary events, people, and objects, Nye has said that, for her, “the primary source of poetry has always been local life, random characters met on the streets, our own ancestry sifting down to us through small essential daily tasks.” Nye received her BA from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and she continues to live and work in that city. Her poetry collections include Different Ways to Pray (1980), On the Edge of the Sky (1981), Hugging the Jukebox (1982), Yellow Glove(1986), Invisible (1987), Red Suitcase (1994), Words under the Words: Selected Poems (1995), Fuel (1998), and You and Yours (2005). She has also produced fiction for children, poetry and song recordings, poetry translations, and a book of essays, Never in a Hurry (1996), and has edited several anthologies, including the award-winning This Same Sky (1992), which represents 129 poets from sixty-eight countries.