On Plans for Spring Semester 2021

October 23, 2020

Dear RCAH Students,

You have just received President Stanley’s message to the MSU communitythis week outlining plans for the Spring semester. In it he expressed his admiration and gratitude for the efforts that you, your families, faculty, and staff have made over the last eight months to sustain the mission of the University.

Please allow me, then, to add my own thanks to RCAH students especially for your commitment to your classes and classmates. You are at the heart of this interconnected community of communities we call MSU.­

None of us can do this alone, and in this time of heightened stress, your advisors, professors, staff, and other RCAH students are ready and available to help. Call us, send an email or a message through Teams, and let us know how you’re doing—and how we can help. We can provide guidance on contacting MSU Counseling and resources serving specific groups and marginalized communities should the need arise. Your wellbeing is what matters most.

In spring semester there will be a limited number of additional single-occupancy rooms available to students wishing to live on campus. For RCAH students choosing to live on campus and in the area in the Spring, we are developing co-curricular events specifically for you, and we are exploring ways to make these events virtually accessible to those students who will not be living on campus. Further, we are seeking to involve students—including RCAH student organizations and leaders—to help us maintain the vibrant community and network of mutual support that makes RCAH unique among majors and colleges at MSU.
While some MSU colleges are offering in-person classes next semester, there will be no in-person RCAH courses. We do not know yet if Snyder-Phillips will be open in the Spring; we will announce this information as soon as we learn more and post it to our WeRCAHnnected page with updates and many resources for RCAH students and their families.
This progressive return to on-campus and in-person instruction will be a process, guided by the utmost caution and the strong desire to sustain the RCAH community we all so highly value. Please do contact us, if you have any questions, and watch for short follow-up notices that more detailed information is posted the web about the Spring calendar, courses, co-curricular activities and events, and related matters.


Stephen L. Esquith, Dean