ESSE: Virtual End-of-Semester Exhibition

You can still participate! The LookOut can post students’ work through the end of finals. Direct message @rcah.lookout . For videos, email


The LookOut Gallery will be holding a virtual End-of-Semester Exhibition! As in usual times, our opening will coincide with the 112/ILO showcase next Thursday, April 23, 7-8:30 p.m. The digital platform gives us a chance to open things up – not constrained by space, we can define art broadly and include a lot of the forms of creativity that the current crisis has demanded of the RCAH community. And anyone (current students, alumnae, faculty/staff including emeritus) is welcome to contribute! 


You can submit: 

  • Artworks (in any medium) produced for an RCAH (or other MSU) course
  • Artworks/projects (individual or collaborative) produced in the digital LMC/Art Studio
  • Artworks (broadly defined) made on your own during this time
  • Responses to any of Chrystel Lopez’s creative prompts. Here are a few particularly visual ones to consider:
    • Draw the first meal you will eat at a restaurant when quarantine is over.
    • Make a comic based on the change that has erupted in your life due to the Coronavirus. It doesn't necessarily have to be funny, just a reflection on your perspective.
    • Dream Journal! After you wake up, illustrate your dream with pen and paper. Didn’t dream last night? Ask a loved one about theirs and bring it to life.
    • Make something creative from the perspective of an MSU squirrel during quarantine (draw, write a short story, write a poem, paint, etc.)
  • Products of your participation in any RCAH creative Zoom events (alumni brownbag art workshop; Marcus’s prompts; knitting night, etc.)
  • Any demonstrations of creativity that the current crisis/quarantine has demanded of you.


How to submit/participate:

  1. Using your own Instagram account, make one post for each artwork you are submitting by 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 23. 
  2. Your account will need to be set to public for the duration of the exhibit. If you would rather not, then email their submission to
  3. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can email 1-3 images and the text of your post to and I will post them directly to @rcah.lookout on Instagram (
  4. Include your name, the artwork title, artwork date (e.g. March 11, 2020; Quarantine Day 6), and some explanatory text for the piece, including context in which it was produced – which course, creative prompt, etc.
  5. Use the hashtags #virtualESSE and #WeRCAHnnected and tag LookOut Gallery (@rcah.lookout) We will collate your #virtualESSE posts in an ESSE tab of the website Marcus is creating to host Thursday’s night’s event, as well as on the LookOut Instagram page.
  6. Instructors: You are welcome to have students use an additional hashtag specific to your course or assignment, for further grouping.