Creative Prompts

Being a part of a creative learning program, like RCAH, in the midst of quarantine can be challenging for students. Not only is access to RCAH's maker spaces on campus unavailable, but some students may find it hard to channel artistic inspiration. If you're looking for some ways to influence your creativity, look no further! Listed below are some creative prompts that utilize all different kinds of mediums in order to get your creativity flowing.


Prompts from the mind of Chrystel Lopez '22:


  • Sketch your pet in an odd scenario. For example, your cat tanning at the beach, your bird wearing pajamas, etc.

  • Write a letter to your future self. What are the ways that you're dealing with social isolation? How about your friends? What can we learn from this?

  • Create something colorful and abstract. Draw your favorite shapes and fill them with color. Better yet, close your eyes, let your pencil guide you on the page, and color outside the lines.

  • Draw the first meal you will eat at a restaurant when quarantine is over.

  • Recall a childhood memory that has shaped you now and write a poem based on it. Pay attention to the senses you felt then and re-imagine them.

  • Make a comic based on the change that has erupted in your life due to the Coronavirus. It doesn't necessarily have to be funny, just a reflection on your perspective.

  • Dream Journal! After you wake up, illustrate your dream with pen and paper. Didn’t dream last night? Ask a loved one about theirs and bring it to life.

  • Rip a page out of a nearby newspaper, grab a letter, or print out a page from your favorite book and create a black-out poetry piece. 

  • Have a photoshoot in the backyard. All you need if your phone’s self-timer, a sturdy surface to prop it against, and outfit options. Hang up a white sheet up if that’s your style.

  • Paint your favorite childhood stuffed animal, or make a comic of advice that it would give you for quarantine (stuffed animals are ALWAYS in quarantine).

  • Craft anything you’d like with a friend over video chat. You could draw one another, crochet springtime flowers together, etc. Most importantly, take this time to catch up with one another!

  • Make something creative from the perspective of an MSU squirrel during quarantine (draw, write a short story, write a poem, paint, etc.)

  • Take any poem or short story you enjoy. Rewrite it in your own words.