#WeRCAHnnected Creative Feed

A hand-drawn image showing many connected lines, included handlettering that reads "WeRCAHnnected"

The coronavirus has upended our human experience in ways we never imagined. With social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and self-isolation the norm, our lives have never been so “virtual.” “COVID-19 already seems to be redrawing the boundaries of our lives and redefining who we are,” says Dean Stephen Esquith of RCAH.

If there is a silver lining, it is the many ways in which we are connecting with one another, our ingenuity adopting new methods of communication, the discovery of our capacity for helping others, and the creativity we are employing to maintain health, safety, and everyday lives.

Because RCAH people are a creative, ingenious, interconnected lot, we offer this page of creative output inspired during the coronavirus. Please share yours with us.


Creative Feed

#WeRCAHnnected: Lia

Story by: Lia Bommarito

Design and Editing by: Ellie Stanislav

#WeRCAHnnected: Chrystel

Story by: Chrystel Lopez

Design and Editing by: Riley Bartelotti

#WeRCAHnnected: Ellie

Story by: Ellie Stanislav

Design and Editing by: Sonata Davis

#WeRCAHnnected: Alyssa

Story by: Alyssa Briones

Visuals and Editing by: Alex Reeves

#WeRCAHnnected: Kayden

Story by: Kayden Stallworth

Video Animation by: Shelby Host

Images by: Riley Bartelotti

Music by: Sophia Jozwiak

#WeRCAHnnected: Amy

Story by: Amy Potchen

Illustrations by: Mollie Ropp

Music by: Sophia Jozwiak

Editing by: Jacob Templin-Fulton

#WeRCAHnnected: Olivia

Story by: Olivia Erlewein

Illustrations by: Lia Bommarito

Edited by: Aileen Dwyer

#WeRCAHnnected: Dave

Audio story: Dave Sheridan

Artwork: Mary Hedges

Editing: Jacob Templin-Fulton

#WeRCAHnnected: Amelia

Audio Story: Amelia Herron

Drawings and Video: Carly Komar

#WeRCAHnnected: Riley

Audio: Riley

Art and Editing: Ezra

Poem: Underfoot

By Kaylee McCarthy, in response to poetry prompt 1 by Anita Skeen

April 13, 2020



I’m in love with all the little things I wouldn’t have seen 
If I wasn’t watching my feet

The sidewalk a collage of the smallest of life:
Dark, damp slug on dark, damp pavement,
Friendly twigs momentarily masquerading as earthworms, and

Newly budding crocuses,
Their little green stems humming spring into life,
Their little purple petals like stained glass in the sun


#WeRCAHnnected: Jacob

April 10, 2020

#WeRCAHnnected Comic

April 8, 2020

By Chrystel Lopez '22



#WeRCAHnnected: Carly

April 7, 2020


(More) Chrystel's Chreative Prompts!

April 7, 2020

Prompts from Chrystel Lopez '22

Monday: Dream Journal! After you wake up, illustrate your dream with pen and paper. Didn’t dream last night? Ask a loved one about theirs and bring it to life.

Tuesday: Rip a page out of a nearby newspaper, grab a letter, or print out a page from your favorite book and create a black-out poetry piece. 

Wednesday: Have a photoshoot in the backyard. All you need if your phone’s self-timer, a sturdy surface to prop it against, and outfit options. Hang up a white sheet up if that’s your style.

Thursday: Paint your favorite childhood stuffed animal, or make a comic of advice that it would give you for quarantine (stuffed animals are ALWAYS in quarantine).

Friday: Craft anything you’d like with a friend over video chat. You could draw one another, crochet springtime flowers together, etc. Most importantly, take this time to catch up with one another!


Haiku: Amelia

By Amelia Herron '20, in response to poetry prompt 1 by Anita Skeen

April 7, 2020 

a tribute to robert frost

Sanford nature trails
Life and death in equal parts
All leaves, trodden black

be kind, unwind

The world does not stop
For a single Spring Peeper
But maybe, I can

i am the moss queen

The beauty of a
Fallen tree with moss on it
Discovered by me


Dean's Message: Is it a War?

April 6, 2020

Instead of "fighting a war," Dean Esquith says in his latest Dean's Message, we should be building a society to which all who contribute are equally valued. https://rcah.msu.edu/news/deans-message-6April2020.html


Poetry Prompts

March 27, 2020

We are running an ongoing poetry prompt, with the first poem by Anita Skeen. If you want to learn more, check out the poetry prompt page here

No Wheelbarrow, No Rain
This afternoon, the chickens,
two spotted like static
on the old TV screen
and the red/golden one,
trundle into our yard
from beneath the cedars.
This is our first sighting
since winter kept them home.
Such joy in the fluffing of feathers.
Such happiness trotting on barbed feet.
Anita Skeen


#WeRCAHnnected Comic

March 24, 2020

By Marcus Fields '16

Image shows a comic where Marcus is sleeping in the first panel, then the in second panel his phone goes off. He reaches for it in the third panel, and then in the fourth panel we see he is overwhelmed with notifications for a zoom meeting.


Chrystel's Chreative Prompts!

March 22, 2020

By Chrystel Lopez '22 

Monday: Sketch your pet in an odd scenario. For example: your cat tanning at the beach, your bird wearing pajamas, etc.

Tuesday: Write a letter to your future self. What are the ways that you're dealing with social isolation? How about your friends? What can we learn from this?

Wednesday: Create something colorful and abstract. Draw your favorite shapes and fill them with color. Better yet, close your eyes, let your pencil guide you on the page, and color outside of the lines.

Thursday: Recall a childhood memory that has shaped you now and write a poem based off of it. Pay attention to the senses you felt then and re-imagine them.

Friday: Make a comic based on the change that has erupted in your life due to the Coronavirus. It doesn't necessarily have to be funny, just a reflection on your perspective.