Why the Arts and Humanities?

What is the Value of an Arts and Humanities Education?

In addition to giving you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexities of our world, an arts and humanities education prepares you for a successful career and a meaningful life. 

Music. Theatre. Literature. History. Art. Writing. Philosophy. Dance. Language. Media. Culture. 

The passions that inspired you in high school are all part of a well rounded arts and humanities education. Sometimes called the "liberal arts," an arts and humanities major encompasses classic subjects that inspire critical thinking and keen understanding of our world. 

What do we mean when we say "critical thinking"? In the professional world, critical thinking is what sets highly sought-after employees apart from their less-prepared competitors. Hiring managers and supervisors will tell you that critical thinking is one of the top considerations for hiring at companies and agencies today. Critical thinking allows individuals to navigate complex problems, develop creative approaches, reach engenious solutions, and work productively. 

Along with critical thinking, an arts and humanities education prepares students for so much more that employers are looking for:

  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Digital literacy
  • Intercultural fluency and understanding
  • Clear, concise writing
  • Strong oral communication

and translates them into