Professor Kevin Brooks, an african american professor, stands in front of his class in a suit and shares information with students.

RCAH's unique and rigorous curriculum prepares students to create a better world by exploring diverse ideas, engaging in hands-on creative practices, and working with the community around them. For a list of current RCAH courses, click here.

Core Courses

The RCAH core curriculum consists of two writing courses, two humanities courses, a seminar, a community engagement seminar and immersion experience, creative workshops, and a third-year tutorial. As a whole, the core curriculum blends history, ethics, culture, and the arts with selected topics and projects, providing a comprehensive foundation in skills for reading, writing, and research methods.

Creative Workshops

Creative workshops provide avenues of exploration into a rotating selection of artistic mediums. They also make use of local and nationally recognized visiting artists who will work with students in areas such as music performance, visual arts, creative writing, theater, filmmaking, and book arts. The workshops are designed for students not necessarily majoring in the fine arts, but for whom such a workshop experience would be a valuable addition to their academic degree program.

Community Engagement

All students will be involved in an engagement project or a set of engagement activities that integrate experiential learning with critical reflection in a manner that is mutually beneficial to the students and community partners. Community engagement courses provide fulfilling learning opportunities to deepen skills in settings in which different forms of knowledge are valued and different types of intelligence explored.

Elective Pathways

While there is one major in RCAH, there are many paths through the major. Each pathway begins with a topics course, and the four topics courses listed below are examples of how this journey can begin.

How do the RCAH courses fit together?

Please download the following flowchart here, or look at the images below for an infographic flowchart of RCAH's curriculum.