RCAH Speaking Test


The purpose of the RCAH Speaking Test is to assess the ability of RCAH students to engage in and contribute to the development of meaningful discourse on personal, professional, or academic topics.



It is a paired format test (two students and two examiners) that lasts approximately 25-35 minutes.

Three tasks create opportunities for students to interact with each other and with examiners. Students participate in planned, individual tasks as well as unplanned, collaborative tasks.


Task 1 Introductions and Small Talk

Task 2 Co-Presentation

In advance of the test, students decide on and prepare a topic to co-present. The presentation is followed by a short Q&A session.

Task 3 Negotiated Consensus

Students are given descriptions of two choices (for example, two students who are finalists for receiving a graduating senior award).
Students discuss the two choices between themselves, come to an agreement on a single choice, and then co-present the reasons for their decision to the examiners. This is also followed by a short Q&A session.



A four-level rating system is used.

              Level 4: Advancing Ability

              Level 3: Functional Ability

              Level 2: Limited Ability

              Level 1: Insufficient

In order to meet the RCAH Language Proficiency Requirement, students taking the test in French, German, or Spanish must reach Level 3: Functional Ability. Students taking the test in all other languages must reach Level 2: Limited Ability.



Please contact Professor India Plough (ploughi@msu.edu) for more details about the test and the rating system, how to determine your readiness to take the test, and how to schedule a test.