The CDEI committee made a series of ambitious and important recommendations in the summer of 2020. These recommendations were approved by the College Academic Council in fall of 2020 and funded with a discretionary grant of $18,000 from the Office of the RCAH Dean, setting off a series of projects through 2023 devoted to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the College, including:

  • Racial Healing Circles across the College developed by the WK Kellogg Foundation’s Truth Racial Healing and Transformation Process and currently being implemented in the College by McDuffie Evans, a Lansing firm that serves as “Facilitators of Difficult Conversations.” (Began Spring Semester 2020)

  • A College website that lists important diversity, equity, and inclusion opportunities in the College related to its arts, humanities, and community engagement mission. (Launched December 2021)

  • An institutional audit to investigate, identify and propose improvements to the College’s practices, policies, and culture.

  • Development of a College “statement of DEI norms.” (Under development)

  • Creation and implementation of an RCAH DEI reporting system to allow the College to identify and respond to institutional and College community policies, practices, cultural norms, and behaviors that work towards or against our commitment to a safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive college environment. This system would enhance existing MSU systems to report bias (including instances of discrimination, relationship violence, sexual misconduct, and Title IX Policy infractions), file complaints regarding violations of community standards, or mediate concerns about MSU policy, discrimination, or other grievances. (Under development)

  • Organizational change and investments to improve College behaviors, actions, institutional structures, and institutional norms and symbols. (Under development)