RCAH/MSU DEI-related Policies

RCAH follows all MSU policies to ensure a safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning, living, and working environment, including the following DEI-related policies. You can learn more about these policies via the MSU Office for Civil Rights and Title IX Education and Compliance.

Various MSU websites and handbooks also outline rights and responsibilities for students, employees, and other University stakeholders to ensure a safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, including:

  • Spartan Life Online, a website for MSU students outlining critical information, services, rights, responsibilities and information about important University policies for students.
  • Student Employment Manual, now a website maintained by MSU Human Resources, outlining student employee laws, regulations, and a host of policies and responsibilities.
  • MSU Human Resources Handbooks and Policies collects into one website employee handbooks, policies, procedures, laws, and guidelines for MSU administrators, faculty, academic staff, and support staff working across the University.