Fall 2020 ILOs

Integrated Language Options (ILOs) constitute the core elements of the RCAH Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum Program. ILOs provide language immersion opportunities for students. In an ILO, students use the language to collaborate with each other and their language fellow on a semester-long project.


Anishinaabe 13 Moon Cycle Calendar 

View PDF here.

A PowerPoint presentation of the Anishinaabe Moon Calendar, which is based around the 13 moon cycle. Andrew Bracken and Zoe  Steinfield with Graduate Student Language Fellow Marie Dreaver.


李小龙对 美国文化的影响 (Analysis of Bruce Lee’s influence on American/western culture) 

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A PowerPoint presentation of Bruce Lee’s experiences and one of his movies by Kaleb Smith with Graduate Student Language Fellow Mary Li.



Danses culturelles du Bénin : la danse « ZINLI » (A Benin cultural dance: “Zinli” dance) 

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Students learned about Benin’s cultural dances, their sources, and their links to more contemporary and modern music and dances.  They chose to focus on one dance--the “Zinli” dance--for the project to briefly share what they have learned, including how to execute  it. A video by Audrey Cloft and Margy Hunter with Graduate Student Language Fellow Ida Djenontin. 


우정의 요리법 (A recipe for friendship) 

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A short movie clip about the beginning of a high school friendship by using a simulation video game created by Audrey Cloft and Mary Graves with Graduate Student Language Fellow Ezgi Ulusoy. 





Малоизвестные Места: Россия и Не Только (Places Unknown: Russia and Beyond) 

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A brief examination of lesser-known Russian speaking countries and cities such as Uzbekistan, Vladivostok, Kalmykia, and Komi. A  video presentation by Austin Smith, Liam Timmerman, Matthew LaBounty, and Matt Miller with Graduate Student Language Fellow  Dmitrii Pastushenkov.  


Cocinando con el ILO de Español (Cooking with the Spanish ILO) 

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Students cook three separate dishes (Paella, Mofongo, and Horchata) from different Spanish-speaking regions (Spain, Valencia, and  the Caribbean). The video includes a short history of each dish and how to make it at home! Anna Bassett, Sofia De Carolis, and Mary  Graves with Graduate Student Language Fellow Romina Peña-Pincheira.