Spring 2021 ILO

Integrated Language Options (ILOs) constitute the core elements of the RCAH Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum Program. ILOs provide language immersion opportunities for students. In an ILO, students use the language to collaborate with each other and their language fellow on a semester-long project.


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Title: Anishinaabemowin dnakmigzi-mzin’igan (Ojibwe language Activity Book) 

Description: An online printable version of an activity book, such as crossword puzzle and color by number. 

Participants: Andrew Bracken and Aviana Irrer with Graduate Student Language Fellow Marie Dreaver


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Title : Ethnies et Langues du Bénin – Le groupe « Fon »

Description: Students studied Benin’s ethnicities using the book “Nous les Femmes du Bénin” and zoomed into the ethnicity “Fon” to better understand some of their particularities. Students focused on the group’s typical livelihood activities, foods, and musique. They described three livelihood activities held by women of the Group Fon. Regarding foods, students illustrate three meals typical to each sub-ethnicity of the group Fon. In terms of musique, students emphasized how traditional dances are modernized into tradi-modern musiques and show two examples.

Participants: Kaylee McCarthy and Matt Miller with Graduate Student Language Fellow Ida Djenontin


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Title: Вкус Восточной Европы (A Taste of Eastern Europe)

Description: A video featuring three Eastern Slavic dishes (borsch, draniki, and pirozhki) by 

Participants: Austin Smith, Liam Timmerman, and Matt Miller with Graduate Student Language Fellow  Dmitrii Pastushenkov. Приятного аппетита (bon appetit)!


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Title: K-POP의 역사 (History of K-POP)

Description: This video presentation describes the changes in K-pop throughout its history by focusing on a single band from each era (the 90s/20s/2010s). The first band introduced is H.O.T. which is the first-ever K-pop band, and a second band is a female group- 2NE1 which was known for their usage of English in their lyrics. The last band is BTS who is probably the most famous band in Kpop history from the 2010s. 

Participants: Kamya Alexis Harrison and Zaria Marteiza Myles with Graduate Student Language Fellow Ezgi Ulusoy.


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Title:  Receta e historia de la cocina indigena en Latinoamérica (Recipe and history of indigenous cooking in Latin America) 

Description: This project focuses on the food and cuisine history of indigenous groups from the area that we identify today as Latin America and the Caribbean. On this video project, students provide step by step recipes and history descriptions of three dishes (Pozole, Tamales, Arroz con Gandules)  inspired by the Aztecs and Tainos. 

Participants: Sofia Decarolis, Mary Graves, Jess Whitmer, Jamir Bowers, and Graduate Student Language Fellow Romina Peña-Pincheira