Spring 2014 Integrated Language Options (ILOs)

Integrated Language Options (ILOs) constitute the core elements of the RCAH CLAC Program. ILOs provide language immersion opportunities for students. In an ILO, students use the language to collaborate with each other and their language mentor on a semester-long project. The descriptions below detail the Spring 2014 ILO projects:


An ILO in Spanish looked at issues of poverty in the Venezuelan context. Students discussed various manifestations of poverty in the US and in Venezuela and explored the differing discourses surrounding poverty in the two countries. Students were able to gain firsthand experience of this topic through interviews with Venezuelans in the US and in Venezuela. View below a poster created by Krista Rodriguez detailing ways to stop illegal mining in Venezuela, a poster created by Anthony Lograsso examining oil relations, and a sculpture by Anna Hawkins depicting women's rights in Venezuela.Spanish ILO example: Sculpture depicting women's rights in VenezuelaSpanish ILO example: Poster detailing ways to stop illegal mining in Venezuela
One of the ILOs in French tackled issues of transitional justice. Using podcasts and videos, students increased their understanding of world conflicts (e.g., Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon) and various models of transitional justice. Students conducted Skype interviews with French-speaking activists in Europe and northern Africa to gain a deeper appreciation for the critical issues surrounding this topic.
View slides as PDF here.
Students in a French ILO created an audio-visual book structured around the main themes in the French film Ernest and Célestine. The book includes clips and photos from the movie and brief biographical information about Gabrielle Vincent, the author of the children’s books that inspired the movie. Click the image to view a larger version of the storyboard created by Catherine Seibert and based on
Ernest and Célestine.French ILO example: Storyboard of Ernest and Celestine
Haitian Creole: 
View PDF here.

An ILO in Kreyol Ayisyen (Haitian Creole) researched the history of Haiti (from the Haitian revolution to the Duvalier presidencies) to better understand contemporary Haiti.  Students also learned about more recent events in Haiti including the first democratically elected president (President Aristide) and the devastating events of "douz janvye" the 2010 earthquake on January 12. For their final project, Libby Hoffman and Angel Snyder created a Power Point to showcase what they learned about Haiti. They conducted a presentation in Kreyol Ayisyen at the RCAH 112 Showcase Spring 2014.