Spring 2018 ILO


Title: Destins de la vie des femmes Beninoises (The Game of Life - Women in Benin!)

View PDF of gameboard here.

Description: Inspired by “The Game of Life,” our game demonstrates the challenges and ‘goals’ of women’s lives in Benin. We focused on how marriage, relationships, pregnancies and children contribute to women’s well-being. The goals of life in Benin are represented in how life events add or subtract to ‘winning’ this game.

Participants: Abigail Kuplicki with fellow Erika Kraus.


Title: 20 flavors of Italy - 20 sapori d’Italia

View website here.

Description: Explore Italy using the amazing ILO interactive map! During the semester we explored some the 20 regions Italy is divided into, and we created an interactive map that will show you the most beautiful places, the typical foods and much more for each one of them. While looking at the regions we used some of the information provided as material to discuss about themes related to culture and society.

Participants: Chiara Bowen, Grace Koepele, Kate Kelly, Maileen Bugnaski, Michael Prosi and Zhouting Li with fellow Danilo Balzarini.


Title: 한국 대표 잔치음식 잡채를 만들어 보자 (How to cook Korean Traditional Food, Jap Chae)

View video here.

Description: Learn how to make Jap Chae, a traditional Korean dish full of nutrition and a delicious treat to your eyes and taste buds. Throughout Korean ILO, we addressed various and unique culture in Korea. Jap Chae is one of them. It has had a long history from Chosun dynasty in the 17th century. The long length of noodles symbolizes longevity. Korean people eat Jap Chae on special occasions, so you can find this dish at parties, feasts, and holidays. Additionally, “Jap”means mix and “Chae” means vegetables. It would be perfect food for those who are vegetarians, so let’s try how to make it!

Participants: Monica Booker with fellow Bomi Eom.

Spanish roundtable

Title: Influencia de la Comunicación No Verbal en la Creación de Confianza y Paz entre Personas

View pdf here.

Description: Our goal with this roundtable was to learn about how nonverbal communication can influence (or inhibit) the creation of trust and peacebuilding between people of different cultures. Over the course of the semester, we had the privilege of interviewing several native Spanish speakers about their opinions on nonverbal communication. We were able to learn about nonverbal communicative practices in Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Each of them brought valuable perspectives to the table, allowing us to expand and expound our original theme.

Participants: Jess Black, Madison Campbell and Sadie Shattuck.


Title: Republic of Valencia: The birth of a new country

View video here.

Description: The Republic of Valencia is a fictitious country created based on the current events taking place in Venezuela. This scenario projects how it would be if the Venezuelan state of Carabobo would declare independence from Nicolas Maduro's regimen. The students in this ILO were divided into two political parties and were faced with the task of running the first ever presidential elections of this newborn country. Each party will propose their solutions for specific issues around education, public health, economy, and employment and those attending the showcase will decide who will lead the Republic of Valencia for the next four years.

Participants: Amy Potchen, Idalia Moore, Natalya Swartz and Kate Kelly with fellow Lucas Capalbo.

Title: ASL Vine Compilation

View video here.

Description: Vine is a popular social media app where users can post short (about 7 seconds) videos referred to as vines. Typically, these are humorous or satirical in nature. However they do not contain closed captioning. To make the vines more accessible, some of the most popular vines were translated and adapted to American Sign Language and Deaf culture.

Participants: Carrie Hodge and Ezra Kushmaul with fellow Mark Berardi.