Spring 2019 ILO


Title: Evaluation of Online ASL and Deaf Culture Materials

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Description: This semester the ASL ILO compiled online materials for learning ASL and Deaf culture.

Participants: Carrie and Ezra with fellow Mark Berardi.


Title: Governance in Benin

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Description: The French ILO group explored governance and government of the Republic of Benin. This poster displays some of what we learned about the hierarchy and roles of kings and presidents in Benin and interactions between these power systems. These interactions include much history between the local royalty and colonial powers.

Participants: Abigail Kuplicki, Nya Todd, Aaron Jason, with fellow Erika Kraus.


Title: The Change Starts With Us

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Description: The Portuguese ILO designed a webpage with tips on how people can help contribute to the environment. Tips include the areas of water and electricity waste, transportation and waste management.

Participants: Daniel Greeson, Meggie Demko and Mary Graves with fellow Lucas S. Capalbo.


Title: Salud Mental + Arte

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Description: We made a Zine that provides support, resources, and awareness of mental health issues for students who may need it. It includes a variety of things including poetry templates, coloring pages, interviews, resources, advice, and more. It should serve as a resource to find places to go, people to talk to, and how to receive further help if it is needed. It also has activities, advice, and things to do to stay balanced and practice self-care in a non-professional setting. We have included content in English and Spanish.

Participants: Sophie Beeckman, Carly Komar, Amy Potchen with fellow Romina Peña-Pincheira.

Spanish–Costa Rica creative projects

Title: Pura Vida en Tres Comunidades

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Description: Pura Vida en Tres Comunidades is a curation of photographs, poetry, and illustrations from the students who went on RCAH’s Sustainability in Costa Rica study abroad program. “Pura Vida” is an important concept to life in Costa Rica, and many of the students examine this in their final projects. Students had the opportunity to choose where they lived in Costa Rica, and because of this, we decided to highlight the three most popular communities among the students. These projects show the student’s diverse experiences from their involvement in their communities.

Participants: Meghan Hollister, Sariah Metcalfe, and Sarah Dropsey with fellow Charles

Spanish–Costa Rica engineering projects

Title: Anchor by service and education in Monteverde – Costa Rica

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Description: The ultimate goal of this project was to help the engineering students to integrate the necessities and objectives of the communities in Monteverde into a prototype for building up an Eco-Albergue. The Eco-Albergue will be a place that Monteverde’s community is going to use for agricultural training, cultural exchange, artistic development, and academic activities. We made a poster to present the project and we will be featuring an art piece made by the students. This piece of art represents the collaboration between MSU and Life-Monteverde and It will be exhibited at the Eco-Albergue in Costa Rica.

Participants: Emily Hatch, Carly Komar, Megan Gronek with fellow Paulo Izquierdo