RCAH LookOut Gallery

The Storyteller’s Granddaughtxr:
(Re)Envisioning Methodologies for Healing and Liberation

Exhibit Open: April 4–May 15, 2022

The Storyteller's Granddaughtxr: (Re)Envisioning Methodologies for Healing and Liberation is an exhibition created by Liv Furman.

An image of the multimedia artwork of Liv Furman, featuring a clay, terracotta face partially submerged in what appears to be water or resin, surrounded by multi-colored shards of mosaic pieces.

Statement by the artist:

This exhibition is the culmination of my interdisciplinary auto-ethnographic dissertation study, within which I utilize Black feminist-womanist storytelling methodology (Baker-Bell, 2017) and Black womxn's literacies of critical self-reflection, art-making, and Afrofuturist dreaming to articulate my own Black womxn's standpoint (Collins, 2002). This collection is an inquiry, a piecing together of quilting, collage, speculative fiction, my story, and the intergenerational stories of other Black womxn and femmes to consider the ways our ancestors, identities, and embodied knowledges inform our method(ologie)s of sustainability, healing, and liberation.


Virtual Exhibit by Able Eyes

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A view of a gallery with white walls displaying black and white photos of the civil rights era Tama Hamilton-Wray, a woman of color and professor, stands in a suit speaking in front of an audience in the LookOu! Art Gallery Zines hang from the ceiling on strings as part of an exhibit.


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